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Detail Gallery was established as a curated space in 2022, to showcase established and emerging artists based in or associated with Scotland. 

‘Fastener’_1_Screen print on paper, charcoal on admiralty chart, plywood, sand and reclaim

Current Exhibition 


David Lemm


Fixings is an exhibition of recent work by David Lemm.

In 2023 Lemm was invited to exhibit at Moray Art Centre, which prompted an exploration of Findhorn and the surrounding terrain. This series focuses on the erosion of the Moray coastline and the structures encountered there, whilst considering broader narratives around the fixity of landscape and our increasingly precarious environment. Informed by roots, remnants and ruins, the layered assemblage works combine screen printing, drawing, wooden components and found objects to reflect the landscape as a transient entanglement of designed and organic structures.

2nd May - 15th June 2024


Image - David Lemm 'Fastener'


David Lemm

2nd May - 15th June


Alex Allen, Jenny Pope and Baldvin Ringsted

20th June - 27th July

Summer Salon (Open Call)

Group exhibition of works from around Scotland

1st August - 28th September 

Lindsay Hamilton and Val McLean

3rd October - 16th November

Winter Exhibition 

21st November - 11th January 

Art Gallery

Archive of Exhibition publications 

5. January, oil on linen, 61 x 71cm .jpg

Image : Martyn McKenzie


Image : Ellis O'Connor

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