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Picture Framing


Welcome to Detail Framing, where artistry and craftsmanship intertwine to create bespoke handmade picture frames that tell a story as unique as your memories. We believe that framing is an art in itself – a way to elevate moments and experiences into something truly exceptional.

In a world saturated with mass-produced goods, we stand apart by offering a personalized journey. Our handmade picture frames are more than just decorations; they're a testament to the care and dedication we pour into each creation. With an unwavering commitment to quality, every frame is meticulously crafted by skilled hands, ensuring that your artwork finds its perfect home.



At Detail Framing, we understand that every piece of art, every photograph, every memory deserves a frame that not only enhances its beauty but also resonates with its essence. Our collection of frames encompasses a range of styles, from timeless classics to contemporary designs, ensuring that you'll find the ideal frame to complement your unique aesthetic.

What sets us apart is our devotion to the details. We believe that true luxury lies in the intricacies – the delicate touch of a hand-finished frame, the subtle grain of carefully selected wood, and the seamless joints that reflect true craftsmanship. We invite you to explore our offerings and discover the frame that will perfectly encapsulate your cherished moments.

Whether you're an artist looking to showcase your work or someone seeking to preserve a meaningful memory, Detail Framing is your partner in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Join us in celebrating the beauty of bespoke framing – where each frame is a testament to the art of creation and a tribute to the moments that shape our lives.


We manufacture the following:

Window Mounting

Tray Frames

Box Frames

Cushion Float

3D Object / textile Framing

Canvas Stretching​

Specialist Glass/Acrylic options available.

About Our Studio

At Detail Framing, we work with artists, galleries and collectors, as well as our local community, to provide the best possible framing solution for each artwork.


Detail Framing Studio opened in July 2016 after the owner, Jamie McAteer PPSSA, worked in bespoke, archival framing for 10 years. The studio maintains this belief in the importance of archival framing methods and, as a photographic artist, Jamie understands the dedication that goes into creating art work.

A frame can ‘make or break’ a picture, so we work alongside you in choosing the best framing for your work, understanding that the smallest details count.


Detail also supports local organisations and charities: we work with the Jill Todd Photographic award, supplying framing for their exhibitions; have supported Stills Gallery with their fundraising efforts for their print auction; and we sponsor the Detail Framing Studio Prize at the Society of Scottish Artist Annual Exhibition and Visual Arts Scotland exhibition


Jamie is a Past President of the Society of Scottish Artists, 2020-2023

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