Book page

Window mounted with printed text

Book page

Window mounted with printed text


Picture Framing

We offer a fully bespoke fine art and commercial framing service for the office, home, shops and galleries. We specialise in creating beautiful hand made, custom gallery standard frames for prints, film posters, fine art, paintings, photographs, objects and textiles. Only the best possible quality woods, mounts and glass are used to ensure your prints or artwork are preserved archivally and presented in the best possible way.

Book page

Window mounted, printed text on mount

C-type photographic print

Dry mounted on PVC, hand painted frame, 

Artist - Wendy McMurdo

National Portait Gallery, Edinburgh

Wine cork and Label

Handpainted box frame

Archival photographic print

Dry mounted on PVC, spacer to box out, hand painted frame.

Artist- William E. Jones

The Modern Institute, Glasgow

Oil on board

Deep, limed tray frame

Artist - Peter Gibb

Archival photographic print

Window mounted ,hand stained frame, Optium Acrylic.

Artist- Margaret Mitchell

National Portait Gallery, Edinburgh

Etching and Aquatint

Float mounted with cushion, spacer to box out, hand painted frame.UV non-reflective glass.

Artist- Howard Hodgkin

Modern Prints, Edinburgh


Detail of Cushion floating

Detail of Cushion floated work plus mount.

Layered acrylic on board

Cushion float plus mounted, handpainted frame.

UV non-reflective glass.

Artist- Michael Craik